How to Bulk Update Your Assets

How to Bulk Update Your Assets

In order to bulk update your assets you will need to Export the assets you wish to update, Update the desired fields in your spreadsheet, Save the file, and then Import the updated file to AMFJ.  

For details on how to Export your assets check out our article here

To import your updated assets into Asset Management for Jira follow the instructions below:

1. On the Assets page, click on Import in the top right.

2. On the next screen, you will click >> on Select a CSV file

3. Select  >> Update existing assets <<

Every asset has a unique Asset ID (Asset #) that will identify and update the specific record

Your spreadsheet file will have the ID column from your earlier export, which we will automatically select. 

On the next step, map the columns in your CSV file to the system fields. 

There are only 2 required fields that you need to map - the Asset Name and the Asset Type. However, if you are using the Loanee and Location fields, map those as well.

We will automatically map the remaining columns in your CSV file to fields in Asset Management for Jira.

3. On the Verify data screen you will be able to review, edit, or remove the incoming data. If any data is considered invalid, select the Show invalid data only box to view, edit or remove, as per your use case.

Once you're happy, click on the Import button to start the import.

4. Once the import finishes, you'll see a confirmation message acknowledging how many assets were updated.

For details on how to import new assets please go to this article here

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