How to link an asset to a Jira issue

Even though Atlassian has an official guide on linking assets to a Jira issue, we often find that customers still get confused when they've followed all the instructions in that guide, and still can't link their asset to an issue.

When you install Asset Management for Jira, we will automatically create a Linked Assets field and add it to your Jira Service Management projects. In order to use this field with other types of Jira projects, you will manually need to add this field by following the instructions listed here.

For team-managed (formerly known as next-gen) projects, follow the instructions listed here to add the field to your issues.

Now, if everything's been set up correctly, you should see a Linked Assets field appearing in your issue sidebar:

Clicking on 'Link Asset' will open up the assets panel and will show you a few assets by default. Now, if you can't find the asset you wanted to link, you'll need to use the search field.

You can search using the name of the asset, the loanee's name, or the asset # 

Note: The search results are only fetched once you enter a minimum of 3 characters in the field.

Once you find the asset you want to link, clicking on its name should link the asset to the issue, and display the asset's attributes underneath.

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