Setting up email notifications when assets are created, updated or deleted

This guide provides step by step instructions on how to send email notifications when your assets are created, using Jira automation and AMFJ's Events feature.

  1. Configure the Jira Automation Rule

Navigate to the project where you want to set up the automation rule.

Click on the "Project settings" menu, and select "Automation" from the sidebar.

Click "Create Rule" to initiate the rule creation process.

Define the Trigger Event:

    • Select Incoming Webhook and copy the request URL. Select No issues from the webhook and hit Save.

Configure the Trigger Condition (Optional):

    • Set up specific conditions for the trigger event if necessary. Conditions ensure that the rule is triggered only when specific criteria are met.

Define the Action:

    • Select "Send email" from the list of available actions.
    • You can include asset data in the email using the following smart values:
      • Asset Name - {{}}
      • Asset Type - {{}}
      • Location - {{}}

  1. Create Incoming Webhook

First, navigate to AMFJ's settings page and select 'Events'. Click on Enable Events.

Paste the Request URL from Step 1 into the Request URL, and select all the events you'd like to be notified for.

Hit Save, and you're done!

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