How to bulk update assets

Use the CSV import option to batch update your existing assets in Asset Management for Jira. 

Every asset has a unique ID that will identify, and update the specific record.

  1. We recommend that you first perform an export of the inventory you wish to update via the Export section. Your file automatically includes the IDs, as well as any additional fields you added.
  2. Download and open the exported CSV file in any CSV editing software (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc).
  3. Edit the columns containing the data you wanted to update. You can add any new information that you want to import as new custom fields during the import process.
  4. Click on Import
  5. Map the fields in your CSV and select Update existing assets.
  6. Map the column that contains the Asset ID.
  7. Click next to review the data to be imported and verify that everything looks correct.
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