How to use QR codes

Assets can be viewed and updated from your mobile device by scanning QR codes. Each asset has a unique code that can be generated from the asset details page, or in bulk from the main asset list view.

Generating QR codes

There are two ways to generate QR codes. The first is by navigating to an asset and clicking on the Print QR code button.

This will bring up the QR code used to access the asset, along with a label that you can save or print.

Generating QR codes in bulk

To generate QR labels for multiple assets, select them from the main asset list view, and click on the generate labels button.

This will generate labels in bulk that you can print to save you time from having to do this individually for every asset.

Scanning QR codes

When you first scan a QR code, you will be prompted to login to the application with your Atlassian account.

After logging in, you will be presented with the consent screen below. Choose the Jira site that your assets are stored on in the Choose a site dropdown and click Accept.

You should now be able to view and modify your assets from your mobile device. 

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