How much does Asset Management for Jira cost?

Asset Management for Jira has a tiered pricing structure, and is priced per user: $10 flat monthly fee for instances that have up to 10 licensed Jira users. If you have more than 10 users, it’s $2 per user up to 100 users. Beyond 100 users, the price reduces to $0.75 per user and so on. If you want to know more about the specific tiers, visit the Atlassian Marketplace.

To determine how many licensed Jira users you have, head over to the User Management section in Jira's admin section.

From there, click on Product access which should take you to a screen that looks like the below (click to enlarge):

Once you have determined the number of users, you can use this Pricing Calculator which allows you to calculate the cost of an app based on your user count from the above step. 

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