Managing Accessories

Using the Accessories feature, you can keep track of items that you have a large quantity of that wouldn't need a unique identifier. Things like, cables, mice, keyboards, adapters etc.

You can also use this to track license keys for software applications.

You may track an unlimited amount of these items and link them to other assets assets and check them out to loanees (borrowers).

Every time you assign or revoke an accessory or a license, Asset Management for Jira tracks who assigned/revoked and the date.

The main accessories screen lets you see all the different accessories you have, the total and available quantities and their location.

Clicking into an accessory will let you edit the information stored about the accessory, and perform operations such as checking them out/in.

You'll also be able to see a list of your current loans, and how many quantities you have available to loan. 

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